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Google Penguin and Panda Updates Infographic

What will you do if your blog get strike by these two Google Panda and Google Penguin updates????
There might not be any possible way out... But this infographic will clearly and simply explain you how not to get penalized from these Google Updates.

How to Preserve Website Visitors Infographic

Are the visitors of your blog leaving your blog????
Here is the best way of preserving and keeping your website visitors. This infographic help you to preserve all your web visitors.
If visitors are decreased, your website's bounce rate will be increased and you cannot gain nice rank on Search Engines.
Visitors Leaving Your Website Too Frequently? Here's The Fix [Infographic]

Courtesy of: KISSmetrics via TechGYD

How to increase Domain Authority (DA) of your Blog Infographic

Everyone wants to increase their page rank! Wait What!!! Pagerank??? Yes, but they don't feel to increase factors for pagerank.That is why they all fail in increasing PR of blog.

One of the main factor needed to increase pagerank is Domain Authority. We call it DA in short. It is the authority of the domain in search engines. Here is given the infographic abut how to increase Domain Authority of your blog in best way.

Secret Tips To Increase Website Domain Authority
Courtesy of: TechTage via TechGYD

Top Powerful Brands on Social Media upto 2014 Infographic

This infographic might help you to know the top social media brands in todays blogsphere. I know that you must know these brands in order to popularize your blog. This infographic might be great tool to increase the Social Media Optimization.
I got this infographic from the blog of my friend: techgyd.com So, all credit goes to him...

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands on Social Media in 2013

Courtesy of: iPost Parcels via TechGYD

Advanced Guide to SEO Infographics Introduction

I recently found one big info graphics about SEO name "Advanced Guide to SEO" and I am here today to share it to you. Basically there are nine Chapters with beautifully carved words and designs. I did not get the credit website as I found it in in torrent...
Its the guide by Neil Patel and Sujan Patel, thanks to them....
Well Chapter 1 will be published tomorrow.... I hope you will not get angry with me... There is a lot of scheduling problem.

Article Writing and Search Engine Optimization

This post will guide you via the major causes you should be utilizing report creating as component of your Search engine marketing attempts to achieve backlinks and link popularity, or in other words, turning material into urls and targeted traffic.

Obtaining specific site visitors is a direct result of this process. This will utilize to each new and present web sites, and I am covering below what to do when writing posts.

Publish only about what you know well
You ought to focus on acknowledged topics that pertain to your focus on industry. As your articles are educational, you can post them to article directories and internet sites accepting new content and content articles that publish related types to what yours is about.

You can get sturdy referrals from articles that were submitted utilizing article databases. Maintain writing 2-3 posts weekly, producing confident they are obtaining submitted at comparable prices.

Write-up partitioning and printable versions
Splitting articles or blog posts into elements is a excellent way to make a subject simpler to digest by matters and obtaining your site visitors adhere to them by series.

It does also help when you take an article for overview and you add your comments in distinct color or bold them. Printable versions are an important addition to the original format of your content articles, highly appreciated by consumers, and does not slide into duplicate content penalties at all.

The energy of hyperlinks and your article
Use linking inside your write-up to expand information resources or even more depth matters.

Reference internet pages, news resources, discussion boards, lavatory posts, are example of sources you can offer and the user can choose to adhere to if required. Now, it is similarly essential that your backlinks are properly described and effortless to spot by utilizing specifications when achievable.

Utilize Search engine optimization principles to your write-up
It is critical to develop titles and headings that relate to what the write-up is about. Also, try to keep the report size to no much more than 500 phrases, composed with easy language, and providing distinct and valuable info. Always impart concrete understanding to your visitors.

You must concentrate on the most critical factors in the subject matter, outlining the crucial places of it. To do this, you can use headings, bold variety and lists, like in the scenario of this specific write-up.

There is a whole lot a lot more to write-up creating, but every circumstance is diverse, and for every site, the application of ideas discussed in these locations are diverse as effectively.

What is SEO?

When you use Google to look for a phrase, have you ever puzzled how the websites in the initial search results website page acquired there, when there are probably countless numbers of other competing sites which match your search expression? Well, the response to that concern is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). People initial couple of sites had far better Search engine marketing than their opponents. So, what is Search Engine Optimization? Basically, it is a marketing method employed to enhance the ranking of a internet site in search engines.

Some of people websites (this sort of as Wikipedia, FB and Microsoft) obtained to the very first search outcomes web page with out a lot help from SEO because, their model names are adequately popular to get them outlined in the initial web page. The other websites count on SEO to get them to the 1st or 2nd search outcomes webpage. You may question why Search Engine Marketing is so critical. Well, customers rarely go outside of the initial number of look for outcome pages when looking for a term. When was the last time you clicked on the fifteenth research results web page?

Search Engine Optimization can be completed in several ways. The primary (and powerful) Search Engine Optimization strategies are the pursuing:

1) Search engine marketing titles, headers and URL addresses

2) Back-linking

3) Creating SEO articles

4) Proper Use of Multimedia

5) Regular Updates

This report will briefly touch on every single of these Search engine marketing strategies. Each and every of these strategies will be explained in detail in subsequent posts.

Search engine marketing titles, headers and URL addresses

The title of a webpage is different from its heading. The title is displayed on the 'tab' of that webpage whilst the heading is shown in the webpage alone. When you enter a research expression (known as the key phrase), the search motor attempts to locate sites whose title, heading and URL tackle matches the provided key word. If the title, heading or the URL handle of a web site matches your search term, then that website is given a increased position than others. For illustration, if the keyword you entered is "phoenix", a site having the URL deal with: "http://www.phoenix.com" is presented a greater position than a site obtaining the URL tackle: "http://www.mystical_birds.com".


When you check out a internet site, you will usually see many hyperlinks linking that website to other internet sites. These back links are acknowledged as back-links. Wikipedia is a excellent illustration for back-links. All the reference sites are shown at the bottom of a Wikipedia post. These hyperlinks (at the bottom of an report) are secondary backlinks of the respective reference internet sites. Secondary-backlinks aid to enhance the ranking of a site. Typically, the far more again-back links a site has, the higher its rating.

Writing Seo articles

Research engines try to match the entered key word with the material of sites. For example, if your key word is "golfing player", the research motor will search for articles getting the term "golf player". However, there will be hundreds of thousands of articles or blog posts having the time period "golfing player" in them. The research engine will rank these articles or blog posts according to the "keyword density" of the posts. Key phrase density is calculated by dividing the quantity of keywords and phrases in the report by the overall quantity of phrases and then multiplying the end result by a hundred.

For illustration, if a hundred-worded article has the key phrase "golf player" repeated two times in it, the write-up has a search term density of 2%. Articles having a keyword density of .5-two% are typically presented the greatest position.

Proper Use of Multimedia

All people prefers graphical sites, compared to plain-textual content web sites. The key research engines know this and consequently they give websites made up of multimedia (graphics, movies and flash applications) a increased ranking than other web sites.

Regular updates

People have an unquenchable thirst for new data and information. The major research engines handle this need by offering the websites which are often current a greater ranking than other websites.

I hope that we answered your concern "What is Search engine optimization?" satisfactorily via this write-up.

Guide to Search Engine Optimization

While people blog, they target for the high web traffic to their blog sectors to which we say as blog promotion yield. Promoting blog is not a easy one. You must go through the process of Search Engine Optimization.

Learning Basic of SEO is probably the easiest one but hard to implement. You might have seen some sites with SEO Tips and Tricks to which you might think as a best way of performing SEO is nothing but waste of time. Yes, I do agree that your blog's status might change positively, but also hampers your blog in long term. So SEO should be performed serially.

Here are some items you must read and view before learning SEO.

  • SEO Basics

SEO is not that easy to learn, you must qualify some sort of steps in order to get pass through SEO. The basic terms includes meta tags, html tags and lot more. You can find those basic terms in our page: SEO Basics

  • SEO Infographics

They are the magazine like pictures with all the information included. Infographics works as a poster that can really help you in knowing more emphasis of SEO in blogging field. You can find some infographics in our page: SEO Infographics

  • SEO Ebooks

To tell you the truth, ebooks are the most vital things that helps you know mre and more deeper about Search Engine Optimization. It works as a guide to SEO and its features. You can find some popular SEO Ebooks in our page: SEO Ebooks

These are some basic needs for being perfect at Search Engine Optimization. Its not that you will be perfect in SEO, it just help you pass the very first and beginning of Search Engine Optimization.